Human Resources Management

Employees are the most important assets in your company and FESA Human Resources (HR) is a modular and comprehensive solution suite that allows you to manage all of your HR related processes on either a reactive or pro active basis. HR provides you with the ability to manage all tasks including your payrolls, attendance records, leave management requirements, appraisals for performance management, and your learning & development needs, thereby significantly reducing administrative workload for the company and allowing increased focus to more strategic initiatives. It also supports deep proactive management through the ability of providing deep reporting;

For examples:

1) Listing customer facing employees that are identified as having a high risk of leaving based on an analysis of high billability or number of vacation days taken

2) A deep understanding of the number of open positions with ageing within one or across entities

3) Attrition by department

4) Detailed current headcount.

  • Regional analytical capability
  • Cloud or on premise or hybrid deployment
  • Management of staff costs and benefits
  • Provide a modular total solution for HR operations
  • Support the deployment of comprehensive Employee Self Service (ESS) in-house or over the internet
  • Support both simple and complex workflow routing for approvals
  • Deep analysis capability and KPI's across HR processes including the ability to combine with financial data for deeper metrics
  • Support Hong Kong, Macau and PRC taxation and applicable labor laws including MPF
  • Compliance with Minimum Wage Ordinance and other government laws
  • Support simple and complex workflows across third party applications
  • Working with you for GDPR compliance
  • And more ...
  • Management of both part time and casual workers
  • Transmit autopay interface file to banks
  • Automatically generate tax forms
  • Ability to perform analysis, for example staff attrition in multiple dimensions
  • Ability to include authorised third party processes, such as for staff selection and talent management
  • Support multiple holiday tables
  • Maintain supporting document in soft copy
  • Support for Employee Self Service capability
  • And more ...
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