Budgeting FP & A

FlexSystem Budgeting for financial planning and analysis (FP&A) is a platform optimized for management accounting so that you can with confidence actively, continuously, and dynamically, manage your end to end budgeting preparation and any associated transformational processes with full auditability of underlying numbers and with segmentation of duty.

Processes can be defined from data collection, through all process flows to ranked reporting @anywhere with full or partial automation and can be tested with simulations. This means that time can be spent on managing and reversing that anecdotal “80% of finance and operational time on process not management” across multiple industries. It also means that you can process actuals and budgets using the same processes, thereby saving you time through automation that otherwise might typically require a spreadsheet; for example achieving any required segmental analysis.

One key attribute of the system is that individual processes can be deployed at a very user defined granular level together with any required controls and segregation of duty. Processes are repeatable and auditable enabling you to quickly perform any new iterations, identify underlying changes in submitted numbers or even change the process itself.

The Business Simulation function allows you to explore differing algorithmic scenarios with rankings to show optimal combinations. Last year’s data might also be used to ascertain how this year’s processes will work in practice, especially if you are generating actionable contextual alerts or basing headcounts on regular KPI reviews. Processes can always be continually iterated, with users having the capability to understand their exact detailed functionality flows, which is achieved by seeing the processes operate step by step to achieve collaborative improvement.

Continual monitoring capability throughout the year, can start contextual actionable workflows or produce reports containing contextual information that can be ranked to explain variances for any operating entity or division at any stage in any process. This ability allows for quick corrective action and a decision support capability that can fine tune your business model, all contributing to an exceptionally agile organization with an improving bottom line. As an alternative and progressive step which is subject to relevant security limitations, copies of data from any overseas subsidiary can be accessed locally by using ultra-fast file replication for more detailed forensic and accounting reviews.

Data Collection:
  • Through data feeds
  • Through smart forms that render for the specific task at hand based on data points at that time
  • Handles structured or semi structured files
  • HQ can deploy processes 3,2,1 to subsidiaries to control all aspects of process
  • Or HQ can automate collection of files 1,2,3 after subsidiaries complete budget packs
  • Virtual Assistants can check submissions, reject or escalate. Checks can be simple or complex
  • Virtual Assistants can chase for non-timely receipt of reporting packs with escalations
Process Flow Engine:
  • Processes are end user driven
  • Processes are defined with any required granular process flows and controls
  • Handles complex processes and tasks. Repeatable and auditable
  • Within process user can see specific step being executed over total # of steps within process
  • Allows for full or part automation of a process with required controls and segregation of duty
  • Advanced encryption options ie sending reports embedded rather than as email attachments
  • Puts information from disparate systems on to “One Page” for Decision Support
  • Allows contextual actionable reporting or the starting of relevant workflows @anywhere
  • Allows for Business Simulations
  • Scenarios and outcomes can be ranked as required on-the-fly
  • Not “locked” into versions of your different systems meaning that you can make changes as and when required. You can leverage your current software investments
  • Processes can be visualized and “played back” step by step, fast or slow, so that you can see the impact of each step and make changes collaboratively
  • Uniquely deals with the ability to explode contracts into underlying accounting entries across the life of the contract (even with amortization) and to continually report at contract level
High Performance Compute Engine:
  • Handles Big Data and transactional level reporting
  • System written to leverage the cores and threads of today’s processors
  • Program and data sizes are small and processes faster to execute
  • “What if” calculations can be visualized and ranked automatically on-the-fly
  • Virtual Assistants: Spreadsheets from overseas operations can be automatically checked and 1) accepted and processed 2) rejected with reason or 3) email workflows started to chase for receipt of an expected but so far un-received file
  • Virtual Assistants: Can auto review and give top XX data rankings for products, reasons for variances etc and can automatically highlight potential areas of interest for the process owner by giving on-screen based information within a report
  • Business simulations can be tested using last year’s data
  • System is multi-dimensional. Totals always relate to the same version of the truth


Examples of Uses
 Complex Processes   Complex Tasks 
  • Acquisitions & Disposals; Repeatable financial statements based on any new deal dates
  • Budgets & Forecasts
  • Cash Management including rolling forecasts
  • Consolidation/ Aggregations / Segmental Reporting
  • Reporting over Social Media
  • Financial Close
  • New Business Initiatives – Products, Geography etc
  • Workforce Planning and Pro Active Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Allocations
  • Capex Flow Processes incl. detailed instruction sets to users for clarity and justification
  • Commissions
  • Contracts – Recording & Reporting
  • Deadlines & Diarized Events
  • Inventory Management
  • Portfolio & Loan Management
  • Liability Management
  • Pre-payments
  • Project Management & Summary from Sub Systems
  • Risk Management - Sizable Loan Portfolios with Diverse Loan Tenors
  • Supplier Rebates


In summary FlexSystem Budgeting FP&A allows processes to be streamlined, enabling your team to be agile, nimble as well as disruptive.