Custom Business Software

Packaged software is a viable solution for certain common business processes. Custom software should be in place for specific business processes while your company is seeking for more effective and beneficial solution to streamline the operations.

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  • Custom software is to align with your company needs and works with your priorities to maximize the benefit of your core business.
  • Redundant features should be removed in custom software so that no complexity is added to your business processes. Employees should just do as less as possible in terms of routine operations.
  • Custom software ties costs directly to the value gained as it is tailored specifically to your business processes. The ROI should be high and immediate.
  • Custom software aims at reducing human error and matching how employees work etc. The time that employees complete the end-to-end business processes should be drastically reduced.
  • Company will not have difficulty in finding packaged software that meets some of their needs. However, package software can become a bottlenet when it cannot be scaled or extended to achieve the future goal when the company grows.
Solution Highlights:
  • FlexSystem’s custom software is built on FlexSystem Application Server which is the proven and robust platform used by over 2,000 customers on a daily basis.
  • To deal with different application scenarios, mobile app, web application or even windows application are arbitrarily chosen to best fit your business demands, FlexSystem leverages the different types of applications to provide users with the best user experience.
  • FlexSystem’s custom software is integration friendly, it is able to talk to in-house systems to exchange the information, thus different processes are tightly linked.
  • FlexSystem’s solution is the result of our in-depth analysis of your business plus our advance technology. With the change of market demands, our custom solution is able to be scaled and extended to adopt the change.

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