The Apple Ipad was released in 2010 and started an extended mobility revolution with Android and Windows Mobile that has seen processing capability reach that of desktops and which has had and continues to have a profound and diverse impact on corporations. Users scramble to gain productivity gains not to mention a user friendly intuitive interface which often is labeled as the consumerisation of IT.

Mobile can be added to any of our solution sets to drive further productivity gains throughout the organisation. Apart from prototype systems running entirely on mobile using HTML 5, customers typically use mobile for

1) authorisation steps in simple or complex workflows

2) to look and drill down into reports and

3) with Human Resources Management to deploy Employee Self Service Solutions (ESS).

Mobile applications can be run from a browser or we can develop natively for IOS, Android or Windows Mobile. Additionally we also have Systems Integration experience for Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions where lost mobile devices can have data wiped etc. and also within hotels in using mobile devices to connect to in-room facilities, i.e. multi media devices, curtains, temperature etc.