Workflow / Document Management

Workflows System continue to underpin processes and coupled with document management giving immediate access to documents drives efficiency and speed. Order to cash, Purchase to Pay, Sourcing to Contract and Record to Reporting are all examples of processes that are common in most businesses today. Processes can relate to both qualitative and quantitative tasks, can be in Finance or Operations, all of which depend on some form of interaction within a department or can go across departments, across management and even across geographies before the next stage of the process is ready for execution. The output from this human interaction may be a signature(s) to execute the next step or a report which in itself might be the first step in another process.

Combined with today’s technology of being able to work in the office or whilst mobile means that processes can be executed more quickly by having key documents to hand giving rise to increased productivity and in certain situations competitive advantage. Supported by the expanded solution sets of Human Resources, Business Intelligence, Trading and Financial and with deep integration capability our solutions bring added value allowing businesses to combine data from different systems for the deeper management of key performance indicators (KPI).