FlexSystem is committed to continually deliver powerful, high-quality, user-friendly enterprise solutions that manage your every business process efficiently and effectively. The new release of FlexClient is a delivery on this commitment. It represents a generational shift in user platform, delivering new level of capability, usability, flexibility, and an empowering and impressive user experience. At the same time, FlexClient sets a new standard of user collaboration that multi-user are empowered to work efficiently with each other by sharing, editing and reviewing files and information at the same time.

Reasons To Try

Enrich User Experience
FlexClient opens a world of modern and innovative user interface design for you by leveraging new technologies.
UI layout and Function menu are carefully arranged to replace the traditional Windows client to give you a centralized and easy access to operations and functions.
Smart search enables information navigation which provides user the contextual access and free text search to locate relevant functionality and information throughout the FlexClient.
With built-in Dashboard, it is easy to add creativity to FlexClient background. Important information can be stand out to rise your attention for fast and well-information decision.
FlexClient supports SDI mode, whilst it also supports MDI mode. The MDI mode is empowered by the Smart Tab function for you to maximize the working area in the FlexClient.
User-oriented Design
Enhancements in FlexClient provide you options and help you set up your working environment more intuitively
The Appearance of FlexClient can be changed from time to time, either cool, or kawaii look. It is also applied to the system language with Multi-language capability, that you can choose which language you would like to use.
Change of user / company and Screen re-size will never be a difficult task, since you only have to make it by one click.
You can determine more function settings in User option, according to your preference.
FlexClient makes it easier for you to present your data in meaningful ways. With new features such as Pivot report, you can filter data whatever you want and display the relevant details only.
Design your own data presentation faster and easier, even if you are not familiar how to set the data relationship or report format. With Document Designer, you are empowered to drag-and-drop the data fields and components to design any form or document for your frequently use.
Facilitate Collaboration
FlexClient provides flexible and effective ways to bring people together. New technologies and improved features help you share your files and keep up with communication with other users.
With version control and user comment capabilities in Document Management, you can share your documents and collect comments from other users. All versions can be kept track, so you will not miss any updates.
Manage your message more effectively in Message Center. Notification enables you aware of new message in your inbox immediately.
The new Broadcast feature in FlexClient lets you instantly broadcast the news and information within user network. Your team mates can view and comment the broadcast message to facilitate network communication.

With FlexClient, you can get things done on your schedule by Task Scheduling capabilities: Event and task can be set up easily on your own calendar. Event reminder and function shortcut help you finish the task on time in an effective manner. You can also check the availability of your team mates in the group calendar and propose the suitable time for group work and accomplish collaboration and group work.

Features & Benefits

Refreshing User Interface

  • Function menu
  • Appearance
  • Smart search
  • Change of user / company
  • Dashboard
  • Support SDI and MDI mode
  • Multi-language
  • User options
  • Resize of screen
  • Pivot reports
  • Document designer

Broadcasting Your Message

  • Docking panel
  • File Attachment
  • Access right control
  • User comment

Managing Your Documents

  • Docking panel
  • Multi file format handling
  • Version control
  • Access right control
  • User comment

Task Scheduling with Calendar

  • Calendar
  • Appointment attachment
  • Appointment calendar
  • Appointment reminder
  • Availability sharing
  • Collaborative scheduling
  • Customization
  • Group calendar
  • Multi view mode
  • Calendar Event Form
Enhanced Message Center