Puzzle-like Reporting Tool for Data Visualization

Over decades, FlexSystem’s legendary financial reporting tool – FION V13 has been serving well its customer community in terms of financial intelligence. We extend this tradition with power to provide extra analytic capabilities in multiple dimensions, directions and templates through the new reporting tool, i.e. FionBrick.

Let’s take a look on the attractive points of FionBrick:

Infinite Possibilities

FionBrick adds new analytic power to your financial and managerial report that you are free to making use of different dimensions, directions and templates to create numerous combinations and outcomes within your report. With the help of FionBrick, you can explore the financial data in impromptu manner without any constraints of pre-defined hierarchies.

Data Visualization

With FionBrick, building report is just like as easy as playing puzzle. All the financial data are preset as different “bricks”, for example ledger, account code, analysis, time period for you to easily drag and join together based on your intuitive move by this user-friendly interface and design.