Application Generator

30 years of software development experience enriched FlexSystem’s technical knowhow, especially beneficial to customized system project. Customization usually involves high development costs, for example, high failure rate, long development cycle, long testing period, difficult to show “proof of concept” until the final program is built. FlexSystem has overcome these drawbacks with its Application Generator technology.

Application Generator is an innovative system development and implementation technology that provides power and flexibility to the application development and production environment. It can substantially shorten development and implementation timeframes. Moreover, direct involvement of end user helps eliminating the misunderstanding and address key deployment issues in order to smoothly build the best fit application system.

One of the main features of Application Generator technology is change responsiveness. It can response to changes quickly by allowing data field, database relationship, system logic and process formula to be modified in a minute to suit for the operational and user requirements. Changes can be visualized, and end user can understand and approve the business logic and concept in the development stage. Therefore, the application systems built by the Application Generator technology are agile in terms of high level of quality, stability and flexibility that leads to less cost, time and also misunderstanding.