Since establishment, FlexSystem has set the mission to provide total solutions to clients through our high quality products and professional consulting services. However, in such as ever-changing commercial environment, companies are always under pressure to get products to match with their business pratice to guarantee productivity. Apart from FlexSystem self-developed application suites, we also provide Custom Software Development Services to tailor the applications for clients to address their business needs. With our services, a direct connection between our system developer, consultant and clients will be build up to deploy the flawless custom development campaign, striving for the mutual success of maximum ROI in the long run.

The primary task of implementation services is to provide advice to customers on the implement and deploy issues, such that the system is able to be up and running within specific time frame and budget. All of the services are tailored to individual client, giving the users a suitable, quick but easy to manage implementation scheme.

A good and comprehensive training warrants the users a full understanding of their operation environment, thus ensure efficiency and at the same time, minimized the chances of error and the need to call for help. Training and education provided by FlexSystem is well planned and scheduled according to the implementation schedule.

FlexSystem has excelled in a wide range of customer services to maintain the long-term relationship with the customers. The operation support is structured in response to user needs in all aspects of the system, providing after-sales service offerings according to SLA, and technical advice as an immediate and possible solution to our customer.